Naked Hiking

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Naked Hiking

It seems, according to the NY Times, that the Swiss are having a problem with too many people wandering around the Swiss Alps naked. To their credit, there reportedly is some strong support for allowing people to do as they like. Others are eager to make ever-more laws restricting people’s freedom.

We at CBLV like it very much when we happen upon naked people, and wish it happened more often.

In fact, Greg and I (your webmaster) were just saying today that it’s exactly the best time of year right now to take a video camera out to the Valley of Fire and maybe come back with some new photos and video for the web site. If so, then I think we’ll invite Ace, and any other local escorts who may be interested in joining us.

I guess we’d probably have to take turns watching out for park rangers who maybe would take exception to naked hiking and naked picture taking.

Naked Hiking in the Swiss Alps

Naked Hiking in the Swiss Alps

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  1. Count me in, sounds like fun!

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